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" Nuex is constantly delivering the well crafted mixture of emotions and energy in his music.

He is proving the quality of his sound by singing to various record labels around the world, and you can always expect the unexpected with his next release. "

Music Production

Music Production

No limitations in genres, styles, tempos, rhythms...

On Stage

On Stage

Dj sets in clubs around the World.

Radio Shows

Radio Shows

Streaming the music via airwaves

Nuex - ' I Need You ' ( ProgRAM Records )

Various Artists PROGRAM 100:


DSW Stream/Buy: https://RAM.lnk.to/100softwareEM

The 100th release from Program has already created a noticeable crater within the drum & bass scene through the success of its recent ‘Bassline Secret’ rework from Skantia; it was impossible to ignore the project after the release catapulted itself to the top of the charts, from iTunes to Beatport. What’s followed is a massive package of 54 exclusives, as well as a sought-after collection of remixes - and the underground record label doesn’t stop here...

For the final stage of their 100th release, Ram’s sister-label will be unveiling Program ‘Software’. It focuses more on the musical tracks which Program have explored across their discography and there’s a host of brand-new tracks which pay homage to the weighty, yet more melodic sounds the imprint have also championed. So once again, it’s time to get with the Program. Although this time, it’s exploring the other side of their seven-year history.

;; A heavenly track from Nuex that hits you right in the feels. Keys and vocal working in perfect harmony here. Out on Melinki's imprint Four Corners. '' 

Nuex - ' Hold Me Down ' ( Four Corners Music )

Nuex - ' The Messenger '

Sit, listen and relax. Perfect FREE vibes by Nuex.




Artist : Nuex

Track : The Messenger

Album : The Messenger (Single)

Label : X Release Date : 19.9.2019 WEB : X


Artist : Hans Zimmer

Track : Time (Nuex Dnb Bootleg)

Album : X Label : X Release Date : 21.11.2018

Hans Zimmer - ' Time '  (Nuex Dnb Bootleg)

Nuex - ' Moonwalker ' ( Fourseason Records )

The LP is free and will be available on all platforms. I’d like to thank to the artists: FearBace, Surreal, Simple Souls, Confusious, Kontrast, CB, Asana, Indesign and Nuex, who helped me to make this happen. I believe that you’ll like it and you will continue to spread your love for liquid & deep vibrations.“


TRACK INFO Artist : Nuex


Track : Moonwalker


Album : Park


Label : Fourseason Release Date : 30.9.2019

”Four absolutely lovely tracks, that’s the new Nuex’s EP, which anchored on Fourseason this time. Full of beautiful melodies, uplifting vocals and relaxing timbre, what we are used to from Nuex.

Artist : Nuex


Track : Reverse Dreaming


Album : Reverse Dreaming EP


Label : Fourseason


Release Date : 9.12.2019

Nuex - ' Reverse Dreaming' ( Fourseason Records )

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