LIVE Music And Performance Projects

The love for music creation is based always on playing live instruments.

Here you can find some of the performances outside of the studio.

" An exiting new project I've been working on with 

Soulscope Handpan Music

Sydney's 1st DJ/Handpan Duo, performing original 

and cover tracks including live percussion and controllerism.

Keep an eye out on this page for upcoming gigs. "  - Jateen

Video : By Ravyna

Jateen x Soulscope - LIVE

Soulscope Handpan Music - A Different Time ( Official Video )

"A Different Time by Soulscope Handpan Music

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Instagram : soulscope_handpan_music

Facebook : Soulscope Handpan Music

Music composition | Recording | Mix | Mastering

by Matus Luhovy

Directed by Matus Luhovy

Camera : Juraj Spanik , Marian Gociek

"Middle Eastern Coffee" - featured on the largest Facebook drummers group - DrumTalk TV (2019)

What's your favorite time to just jam any percussion/drum? Here's Matus Luhovy ( Soulscope Handpan Music ), in Syndey, Australia (He's from Puchov, Slovakia) getting his morning all tuned up with his Soulscope Handpan playing "Middle Eastern Coffee" on Harmonia Handpan - E Hijaz scale!


"Soul Motion" - featured on the largest Facebook drummers group - DrumTalk TV (2019)

"Soul Motion" on Hangdrum

Do you play or have you considered playing handpan or Hangdrum? Here's Matus Luhovy, a.k.a. Soulscope in Puchov, Slovakia with his composition, "Soul Motion" on the Djangar Pan.

Movement Boat Party  -  Live Percussion - Sydney  / Australia

Movement & Moodymusic present: ENOO NAPA

Performing for the VERY first time in Sydney, the South African artist will take you on journey with his signature cinematic sound of heavy raw afro and electronic infused cuts.

So, jump onboard and sail with us for an unforgettable music experience across two levels, a VIP rooftop and 400 friends to share the beauty that Sydney Harbour by sea is.

Movement  - Soulscope.jpg


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