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Matus Luhovy is award winning music composer, producer and songwriter.

His music compositions, sound design and audio postproduction works are featured in movies, movie trailers, animations, TV commercials, documentary movies, theatre plays, art installations and many music record labels around the world. 


Matus studied audio and music at Australian Institute of Music - Sydney and became a guest lecturer for Music Production seminars at the campus. 


Shortly after he returned to Europe, he joined forces with Soundsgate company to start an audio postproduction studio in centre of Prague.

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Hollywood Composers 

& Prague Philharmonia

Matus Luhovy "Always too soon"
Performed at Rudolfinum Hall Prague 2022 by Prague Philharmonia
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Composers of Hollywood film music in Prague 

Matus Luhovy - "Always Too Soon" 

Music composition performed by PKF - Prague Philharmonia Orchestra at Rudolfinum Hall 


This unique concert will present film music of recent years at its best. The programme will include tunes to the hit TV series House of Cards, or to the films Spider-Man 3 and The Boss Baby. Guests at the event will include such personalities as five-time EMMY Award winner Jeff Beal and Grammy winner Nan Schwartz, also Christopher Young, Conrad Pope, Elia Cmiral, Chris Egan, Christian Henson, Paul K Joyce , Nathaniel Méchaly, Matus Luhovy, Petr Wajsar, Tomáš Živor, Zuzana Michlerová, Dominik Svoboda and Jiří Hradil.

The concert is the highlight of the Soundsgate COMPOSERS Summit 2022, a multi-day event for audio professionals and composers, with a series of workshops, interesting lectures, debates and sessions with all the above-mentioned composers in person. The event is one of the largest of its genre in Central Europe. The organizing company Soundsgate focuses on creative production of music and sound in audiovisual and collaborates with renowned artists and musicians, including Elia Cmiral, Matus Luhovy, Petr Wajsar, Dominik Svoboda and Jiří Hradil.

Composers of Hollywood film music in Prague 

Matus Luhovy - "Always Too Soon" 

Music composition performed by PKF - Prague Philharmonia Orchestra at Rudolfinum Hall 


<<< Full performance video and audio 

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Celts : The untold Story

Three Episodes

Curiosity Stram / U.S.A.


Audio postproduction 

Sound design

Celts: The Untold Story

Episode 1: Dawn of the Celts  / Audio Editing, Sound Design, Audio Post-production

Episode 2: The Art and War  / Audio Editing, Sound Design, Audio Post-production

Episode 3: Skyfall  / Audio Editing, Sound Design, Audio Post-production

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Experience the taste in a new form | Mattoni in can

Music Composition | Sound Design | Mix | Mastering



Music composition | Sound design | Mix | Mastering 


Behind the scenes video about my creative process about , how the sound 

design and music was composed for the new product introduced to Czech

market - Mattoni in can - first time canned drink since the history of famous 

Czech mineral water company.

I love to create all my sounds a be creative as possible to deliver unique and unexpected sound pallet to my clients and audience. 


TV Commercial | Creative Process

The final TV commercial video 

studio-moderatori SEZNAM.jpeg


Music composition & Sound design

Mix and Mastering



In february 2022 Czech television Seznam designed and opened a new studio where they making and streaming News and Sport for their TV and internet audience. Matus Luhovy composed music and sound design and worked on the whole audio postproduction process on this project. 

 " I really wanted to come up with something not that common for main News, so I experimented with electronic music and various sound design elements with a little orchestration, and I am really happy that Seznam TV trusted me and gave me the freedom to express myself.  I have also composed music jingle for Sport news and the whole background music and sound design for all parts needed and tried to connect the audiovisual presentation to make it sound as one piece, and I guess it worked out well. "




Composers Summit Prague 2022

Music for TV Masterclass Co - Lecturer | Head of Tech-Zone 

Hollywood film music composers will lead special workshops, lessons and lectures. The summit will feature, for example, five-time EMMY winner Jeff Beal, Grammy winner Nancy Schwartz, composer of the scores for A Nightmare on Elm Street and Spider-Man 3 Christopher Young, founder of Spitfire Audio Christian Henson, and Antoni Komasa Lazarkiewicz, composer of the score for the award-winning Charlatan. The Soundsgate event will culminate in a magnificent concert of film music by the PKF – Prague Philharmonia orchestra, which will be personally conducted by the Hollywood composers.

Matus Luhovy the head of "Technical Zone" at this summit will be joining forces with Paul K Joyce and Petr Wajsar to create a Masterclass about composing music for TV jingles and commercials and will be interviewed as one of the guests  at Opero Prague - Reflex talks event. 

His composition "Always too soon" will be performed at the final concert by PKF - Prague Philharmonia orchestra as part of the Hollywood composers concert at Rudolfinum Hall Prague. 



Music composition & Sound design

Mix and Mastering


Music composition and sound design done for CNN PRIMA NEWS popular TV program

Prima Cesko in full package as main jingle and several edits and shorter versions to 

make appearance through the whole program smoothly.

Web info :

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prima-cesko tv.jpeg

Music production and audio TV campaigns for Mattoni, CNN Prima, Curiosity Stream (USA), ZDF (DE),

Hisense, Seznam Tv News and Sport and more...


TV and Commercials


Projects Details

Music compositions, sound design and audio postproduction projects

Wall (AUS), Rest Stop (AUS), Falling Tears (CZ),

No place for an alien (AUS) and more...

Film Music and Audio

Projects Details

Mattoni Imuno 

Music co - composition and rearrangement | Sound design | Mix | Mastering 

Opus - "Life is Life" - Reedit 2021

​Co - Composer on reediting the famous

song "Life is Life" by Opus for the Mattoni 2021

TV Campaign.

Compositions for VIVID SYDNEY 2018 | 2019 | 2022

Vltava Philharmonic Hall 2022,

Skill Gaming Australia

and many more...


ProgRAM Records (UK), Flight Pattern Records (USA) 

DNBB records (BRA), Soul Deep Rec. (USA), Four Corners (UK)

and many more...

Projects Details
Projects Details




Smetana - Vltava : Music Reedit

Prague Symphonic Orchestra & Matus Luhovy 


Smetana - Vltava : Music Reedit

Prague Symphonic Orchestra & Matus Luhovy

Music Composition | Sound design

Mix and Mastering


Prague’s ambition is to promote itself not only as a city of monuments, but also as a center of inspirational live cultural events. The implementation of the new Vltava Philharmonic Hall significantly strengthens and supports these ambitions.

The Vltava Philharmonic Hall will be a lively and open space serving Prague residents on a daily basis but also a place regularly visited by people from other parts of the Czech Republic.


A new cultural and architectural landmark of the city, which will become an important focal point for visitors from around the world.





Overseas Passenger Terminal

Matus Luhovy - "Blossom" 

Music Composition

Mix and Mastering


Andre Kecskes


Matus Luhovy / Port Authority (Australia)


This futuristic installation at the Overseas Passenger Terminal features a canopy of kinetic equilateral triangles. In unison, they create an amazing, geometric lighting display that develops into infinite patterns, changing at every glance.


An equilateral triangle is an object, arrangement, or flat shape with three straight sides of the same length and three 60 degree angles. The movement of triangles in Equilateral is slow, which is contrary the notion that fast is always better. Slowing down acknowledges that quality can often be more important than



Through this mesmerising installation, artist Andre Kecskes shows that concentrating on the quality of our time, actions and relationships allows us to achieve better connections, focus and efficiency. An atmospheric soundscape by music composer Matus Luhovy adds another dimension to this lighting art sculpture.

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Matus Luhovy "BLOSSOM"
Overseas Passenger Terminal - Sydney

Mattoni "Life is Life" Campaign